MicroIC, XDC’s latest innovation, integrates the display driver with the emitters, replacing the traditional TFT backplane. This advancement powers both OLED and microLED displays, delivering superior visual performance and significantly lower power consumption. Ideal for consumer devices, automotive, AR/VR, industrial, and medical applications.

Our PixelEngineTM microIC technology offers unparalleled display performance beyond traditional active matrix solutions.

Go Beyond Active Matrix

PixelEngineTM microIC elevates display technology by transcending the limitations of conventional active matrix systems, delivering superior performance and flexibility.

Drive Mixed Signal In-Pixel

This advanced feature enables the microIC to handle mixed signals within each pixel, ensuring precise control and enhanced display quality.

Dual Compatibility

Whether it’s microLED or OLED, our microIC technology enhances the visual appeal of any display, ensuring vibrant colors, high contrast, and exceptional clarity.

Power Efficiency

Designed with efficiency in mind, the PixelEngineTM microIC minimizes power consumption, making it ideal for portable and wearable devices. Experience extended battery life without compromising on display quality.

Powering Innovation Across Industries

XDC’s PixelEngineTM microIC technology isn’t just versatile—it’s a revolution for next-generation displays.

Consumer Electronics

Unleash the full potential of your smartphones, tablets, wearables, and laptops with PixelEngineTM microIC’s unmatched performance and flexibility.

Automotive Displays

Transform your car’s infotainment and dashboard with stunning visuals. PixelEngineTM microIC delivers superior brightness, contrast, and clarity for a safer, more immersive driving experience.

AR/VR Devices

Dive deeper into virtual and augmented reality with PixelEngineTM microIC’s high-resolution, fast-response displays. Experience unparalleled realism and eliminate motion blur for a seamless exploration of digital worlds.

Industrial and Medical Displays

PixelEngineTM microIC ensures reliability and efficiency where performance is critical. Its durability makes it ideal for industrial applications, while its superior image quality empowers precision in medical displays.