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XDC To Present And Exhibit At Display Week 2021

PixelEngineTM All-in-One: a Printable Pixel-Driver MicroIC with Three-Dimensionally Integrated Red, Green, and Blue MicroLEDs

Displays that utilize millions of tiny microLEDs promise ...

- October 14, 2022

Displays that utilize millions of tiny microLEDs promise a future generation of phones, computers, and televisions that are bright enough for sunlit environments yet consume less power. The microLEDs are made using wafer-level semiconductor processes, and key to manufacturing displays is the capability to assemble billions of microLEDs onto panels. Elastomer stamp transfer printing is a mass transfer technology with the yield, accuracy, speed, and scalability required to meet the demands of display manufacturing.


Micro-transfer printing (µTP) was developed in Professor John Roger’s group in the mid-2000s

600+ patents

XDisplayTM is a leading developer of advanced assembly and display solutions.

$150B+ display market

Since its development in the mid-2000s, the market has greatly expanded, reaching beyond $150 billion.