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XDC Installs World’s First 300mm MicroLED Tool

- January 28, 2021

XDC provides lab to production equipment for tabletop, 200mm, 300mm and panel

RTP, NC, Jan. 28, 2021 – X Display Company (XDC), a leader in MicroLED displays, announced the installation of the world’s first 300mm Elastomer Stamp based Micro Transfer Printing (MTP) equipment in 2020.

XDC’s team has been pioneering Micro Transfer Printing (commonly referred to as Mass Transfer) for the past 15 years, and has created a novel way to build MicroLED displays. In addition to being the inventors of the technology and related processes, XDC has also been designing and manufacturing tools and equipment for MTP. XDC’s tabletop, 200mm, 300mm and custom panel tools are reliable, cost effective and support a number of applications and different phases of development from lab to mass production.

Justin Brown, VP of Operations at X Display Company said “15 years ago, we had to build our own equipment to support a brand new Micro Transfer rinting technology. Today, customers that license our technology prefer to buy equipment and tools from us that are guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance.

XDC, a pioneer in the MicroLED space, has been designing MTP equipment since 2005. The company has already signed licensing agreements with global players in the display industry that will mass produce MicroLED displays using XDC’s elastomer stamp based micro transfer technology and its foundational IP that includes over 500 patents. Further, XDC expects to install several more MTP tools at various locations in 2021.

About X Display Company

X Display Company (XDC), a Cork, Ireland and RTP, North Carolina-based technology developer, licenses intellectual property for manufacturing MicroLED displays, sells MicrolC & PixelEngine TM components and Micro Transfer Printing Equipment that will power next-generation displays. XDC is poised to capture share in the display market, delivering solutions that will make peoples’ lives better.

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Micro-transfer printing (µTP) was developed in Professor John Roger’s group in the mid-2000s

600+ patents

XDisplayTM is a leading developer and licensor of advanced assembly and display solutions.

$150B+ display market

Since its development in the mid-2000s, the market has greatly expanded, reaching beyond $150 billion.